Nov 1987: The London Sunday Times on LucyTuning
  • More about LucyTuned Lullabies and bedtime + audio samples + order area
  • Berceuses accordeés au système Lucy (du monde entier) (en français)
  • LISTEN to Indonesia Lullaby - Lelo Ledung ( wav. loop - 139 KB)

    John "Longitude" Harrison (1693-1776)
    Download Transcriptions
    1. . Transcription of Harrison's Concerning Such mechanism....... (his 18th century writings on music)

    2. - (for PC and Amiga) (30 KB)
    3. - csm.sit (for Mac) (31 KB) (

  • Read The Cosmic Elk book on Harrison
  • Information and extracts from Dava Sobel book Longitude
  • NOVA Online - Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude
  • The Old Royal Observatory, The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, UK
  • Biographical notes on 17th and 18th century mathematicians. (Harrison's contemporaries)
  • Search for the missing Harrison manuscript via New Scientist
  • Robert Smith DD FRS comments on John Harrison's tuning ideas, from his book Harmonics or the philosophy of musical sounds Cambridge MDCCXLIV (1744)
  • Longitude - A Horizon 1999 special - about John 'Longitude' Harrison.

  • Introduction to LucyTuning technology
  • LucyTuning FAQ
  • Extracts from Pitch, Pi, and Other Musical Paradoxes .......

  • Chapter One - Is this the lost music of the spheres?.
  • Chapter Two - Fourths and Fifths: Clockfaces etc.
  • Chapter Three - Scales, Modes, and Megamodes
  • Synopsis, and how to buy of Pitch, Pi.......
  • Notes on the numbers Pi and Phi

  • Midi Files (with pitchbend)
    1. Bangladesh Lullaby in 12tET
    2. Bangladesh Lullaby - LucyTuned
    3. Table of more than 60 scales with colors, scalecoding, intervals, and midi files of each scale.
    4. Beethoven's Für Elise - LucyTuned MIDI version [2min:23secs]

    5. (Note the tuning and modulation of chords between 1:30 and 1:50)
    6. Maui Island - LucyTuned MIDI composition - copyright 1990-98 Lucy (ASCAP)
    7. Hear and compare MIDI LucyTuned and 12tET chords
    8. LucyTuning using MIDI - playable colored keyboard assignments with chords

  • Notes on Pitch to Colour ideas
  • Tempo, pitch and consciousness connections
  • The uncoiled spiral, and principal chord patterns
  • LucyTuning using MIDI - Tuning Dump and Pitchbend methods and values
  • Spreadsheet and other downloads for PC's (.zip format) and Macs (.sit)

    1. Microsoft Works 4.0 adjustable spreadsheet of fretting positions, and cent + ratio values for any meantone and most xtET tunings. ( (11 KB)
    2. Excel spreadsheet of fretting positions, and cent + ratio values (same data as (XLSLUCYFRET.ZIP) (11 KB)


      Logic EMagic microtuning environment.

    4. Logic EMagic environment by Brian Pugsley to produce pitchbent tunings from regular midi files for Mac (tuning.sit) (59 KB)
    5. Logic EMagic environment by Brian Pugsley to produce pitchbent tunings from regular midi files for PC (TUNING.ZIP) (62 KB)
    6. Tuning Wrench microtuning program for PC with LucyTuned scales (TWRNLUCY.ZIP) (142 KB)
    7. LucyTuning specs. etc. in text for PC and Amiga - (LUCYTEXT.ZIP) (20 KB)
    8. LucyTuning specs. etc. in text for MAC (lucytext.sit) (23 KB)

    Guitars and other frets
  • LucyTuned guitars, fretting specs etc.
  • Slack key and other alternative open guitar tunings
  • Keyboards/MIDI

  • Keyboard/MIDI assignments for LucyTuning
  • Notes about the Breakaway Vocalizer 1000
  • Scales, modes etc.

  • Instructions for Lucy Scalecoding
  • Table of scalecodings and chords + harmonic theory
  • Feb/March 98 ongoing discussion on ancient Greek and ecclesiastical scale and mode naming
  • Other tuning systems
  • MusicAsEasyAsPi - Chapter One (work in progress)

  • Diagrams
  • View .gif diagrams of LucyTuning concepts
  • View diagrams of LucyTuning concepts using thumbnails and tables.
  • Color diagram of Frequency to Wavelength connection
  • ASCAP [Charles Lucy won awards (1995-96 & 96-97) for his LucyTuning work]
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