LucyScaleDevelopments present:

Alternative, open and slack key guitar Tunings

Open Strings




Notes used

(in Vths order)


Major Chords


minor Chords


Name of Tuning


Major Chords

using all notes


minor chords

using all notes


EAEEAE 1/0 AE NoIIIrds: A Esus4 (No V) as Majors
CGCGCG 1/0 CG NoIIIrds: C Gsus4 (No V) as Majors
DADDAD 1/0 DA DadDad NoIIIrds: D asus4 (No V) as Majors
CFCFCC 1/0 FC NoIIIrds: F Csus4 (No V) as Majors
CFCFCF 1/0 FC ditto ditto
CFCCFC1/0 FC ditto ditto
CFCFFC 1/0 FC ditto ditto
DGDDGD 1/0 GD G Mauna Loa No IIIrds: G Dsus4 (No V) as Majors
DGDGGD 1/0 GD ditto ditto
BbFCFCF 2/0 BbFC No IIIrds: Bb9 (No VII) Fsus4 C7sus4 (No V) as Majors
CBbCFBbF 2/0 BbFC ditto ditto
FBbCFCF 2/0 BbFC ditto ditto
FBbCFCC 2/0 BbFC ditto ditto
BbFCFCC 2/0 BbFC ditto ditto
FBbCFBbC 2/0 BbFC dittoditto
CGDDGD 2/0 CGD NoIIIrds: C9 (No VII) Gsus4 D7sus4 (No V) as Majors
CGDGGD 2/0 CGD ditto ditto
GCDGCD 2/0 CGDditto ditto
CGDGCD 2/0 CGD ditto ditto
DGCGCD 2/0 CGD ditto ditto
DADEAD 2/0 DAE No IIIrds: D9(No VII) asus4 E7sus4 (No V) as Majors
EADEAE 2/0 DAE ditto ditto
DADEAE 2/0 DAE D Mauna Loadittoditto
DAEEAA 2/0 DAE ditto ditto
EBEF#BE 2/0 EBF# No IIIrds: E9(No VII)Bsus4 F#7sus4 (No V)as Majors
CFCGCC 2/0 FCG NoIIIrds: F9(No VII) Csus4 G7sus4 (NoV) as Majors
CFCGCF 2/0 FCG ditto ditto
CGCGCF 2/0 FCG ditto ditto
DADGDG 2/0 GDA NoIIIrds: G9(No VII)Dsus4 A7sus4 (No V) as Majors
DGDGAD 2/0 GDA ditto ditto
DGDDAD 2/0 GDA ditto ditto
DADGAD 2/0 GDA GadDad ditto ditto
BF#BEAE 3/0 AEBF# NoIIIrds:A69 (No VII) E9sus4 B7sus4 as Majors F#m7sus4 (No V)
FBbCFGC 3/0 BbFCG NoIIIrds:Bb69 (No VII) F9sus4 C7sus4 as Majors Gm7sus4 (No V)
FBbCGCC 3/0 BbFCG ditto ditto
FBbCGCF 3/0 BbFCG ditto ditto
BbFCGCF 3/0 BbFCG ditto ditto
BbFCGCC 3/0 BbFCG ditto ditto
CGCGAD 3/0 CGDA NoIIIrds:C69 (No VII) G9sus4 D7sus4 as Majors Am7sus4 (No V)
CGDGAD 3/0 CGDA ditto ditto
DCGDAD 3/0 CGDA ditto ditto
DADEAB 3/0 DAEB NoIIIrds:D69 (No VII) A9sus4 E7sus4 as Majors Bm7sus4 (No V)
FCFGGD 3/0 FCGD NoIIIrds:F69 C9sus4 G7sus4 as Majors Dm7sus4 (No V)
CFCCGD 3/0 FCGD ditto ditto
CFCFGD 3/0 FCGD ditto ditto
CFCGGD 3/0 FCGD ditto ditto
FCFGCD 3/0 FCGD ditto ditto
CGDFGC 3/0 FCGD ditto ditto
CFCGCD 3/0 FCGD ditto ditto
EGDGAD 3/0 GDAE NoIIIrds:G69 D9sus4 A7sus4 as Majors Em7sus4 (No V)
DGDGAE 3/0 GDAE ditto ditto
DGDEAD 3/0 GDAE Old Mauna Loa - Ni'ihau ditto ditto
DGDDAE 3/0 GDAE ditto ditto
EGDEAE 3/0 GDAE ditto ditto
DADACD 3/2 C*DA NoIIIrds: C69 (No V) (No VII) D7 Amsus4 (No V)
CFCFCD 3/3 FC*D NoIIIrds:F6 Csus9 (No V) (No VII) Dm7 (No V) and as Majors
DGDEGD 3/3 GD*E G 6th Mauna Loa NoIIIrds: G6 Dsus9 (No V) (No VII) Em7 (No V) and as Majors
FBbDFGC 4/0 BbFCGD Bb Gm Bb69 (No VII) F69sus4 (No III) (No VII) C9sus4 (No III) Gm7sus4 Dm7b6sus4 (No V)
FBbCGGD 4/0 BbFCGD Bb Gm ditto ditto
BbFCFGD 4/0 BbFCGD Bb Gm ditto ditto
FBbCFGD 4/0 BbFCGD Bb Gm ditto ditto
FBbCCGD 4/0 BbFCGD Bb Gm ditto ditto
BbFCGCD 4/0 BbFCGD Bb Gm ditto ditto
BbFCGGD 4/0 BbFCGD Bb Gm ditto ditto
BbFCCGD 4/0 BbFCGD Bb Gm ditto ditto
FBbFCGCD 4/0 BbFCGD Bb Gm ditto ditto
CGDDAE 4/0 CGDAE C Am C69 (No VII) G69sus4 (No III)(No VII) D9(sus4 (No VII) Am7sus4 Em7b6sus4 (No V)
DGCGAE 4/0 CGDAE C Am dittoditto
DACDEG 4/0 CGDAE C Am ditto ditto
CGDGAE 4/0 CGDAE CAm ditto ditto
GCDGAE 4/0 CGDAE C Am ditto ditto
CGDEAD 4/0 CGDAE CAm G Ni'ihau with dropped C ditto ditto
DADGCE 4/0 CGDAE C Am dittoditto
DAEGCE 4/0 CGDAE C Am ditto ditto
CGDAEG 4/0 CGDAE C Am Robert Fripp ditto ditto
DACGCE 4/0 CGDAE C Am ditto ditto
GCEGAD 4/0 CGDAE C Am ditto ditto
EADF#BE 4/0 DAEBF# D Bm Lute D69 (No VII) A69sus4 (No III)(No VII) E9(sus4 (No VII) Bm7sus4 F#m7b6sus4 (No V)
DADF#BE 4/0 DAEBF# D Bm ditto ditto
EBEF#AD 4/0 DAEBF# D Bm ditto ditto
CGBbEbFBb 4/0 EbBbFCG Eb Cm Eb69 (No VII) Bb69sus4 (No III)(No VII) F9(sus4 (No VII) Cm7sus4 Gm7b6sus4 (No V)
CFCGAD 4/0 FCGDA F Dm F69 (No VII) C69sus4 (No III)(No VII) G9(sus4 (No VII) Dm7sus4 Am7b6sus4 (No V)
FCFGAD 4/0 FCGDA F Dm ditto ditto
FCGGAD 4/0 FCGDA F Dm ditto ditto
EADGBE 4/0 GDAEB G Em Standard Tuning G69 (No VII) D69sus4 (No III)(No VII) A9(sus4 (No VII) Em7sus4 Bm7b6sus4 (No V)
DADGBE 4/0 GDAEB G Em Drop D ditto ditto
EBDGAD 4/0 GDAEB G Em ditto ditto
EBEGAD 4/0 GDAEB G Em ditto ditto
EBEGAE 4/2 G*AEB Em No IIIrds: G69 (No VII) A9 Bsus4b6 (No V) Em sus4
EAEGBE 4/2 G*AEB Em ditto ditto
DBbDGBbD 4/23 Bb**GD Gm No IIIrds: Bb6 Dsus4b6 (No V) G minor
DGDGBbD 4/23 Bb**GD Gm ditto ditto
EAEACE 4/23 C**AE Am A minor No IIIrds: C6 Esus4b6 (No V) A minor
EACEAE 4/23 C**AE Am ditto ditto
C#G#C#G#C#E 4/23 E**C#G# C#m No IIIrds: E6 G#sus4b6 (No V) C# minor
EBEGBE 4/23 G**EB Em No IIIrds: G6 Bsus4b6 (No V) E minor
FAbCEbAbEb 4/3 AbEb*FC Ab Fm Ab6 Eb9sus4(No III)(No VII)Fm7 Cmsus4b6 (No V)
F#AC#AAE 4/3 AE*F#C# A F#m A6 E9sus4 (No III) (No VII) F#m7 C#msus4b6 (NoV)
EAEEF#C# 4/3 AE*F#C# A F#m A Mauna Loa ditto ditto
FBbDFGD 4/3 BbF*GD Bb Gm Bb6 F9sus4 (No III) (No VII) Gm7 Dmsus4b6 (NoV)
CGEGAE 4/3 CG*AE C Am Gabby's C Mauna Loa C6 G9sus4 (No III) (No VII) Am7 Emsus4b6 (NoV)
GCEGAE 4/3 CG*AE C Am ditto ditto
CACGCE 4/3 CG*AE C Am ditto ditto
CGCGAE 4/3 CG*AE C Am Pau Pilikia C Mauna Loa ditto ditto
EbBbEbGCEb 4/3 EbBb*CG Eb Cm Eb6 Bb9sus4 (No III) (No VII) Cm7 Gmsus4b6 (NoV)
CFCACD 4/3 FC*DA F Dm F6 C9sus4 (No III) (No VII) Dm7 Amsus4b6 (NoV)
DADFCF 4/3 FC*DA F Dm ditto ditto
FCFACD 4/3 FC*DA F Dm ditto ditto
CFCFAD 4/3 FC*DA F Dm ditto ditto
DGDGBE 4/3 GD*EB G Em G6 G6 D9sus4 (No III) (No VII) Em7 Bmsus4b6 (NoV)
EAC#AC#E 4/34 AE**C# A A E6sus4 (No III) (No V)C#mb6 (No V)
EAEAC#E 4/34 AE**C# A Open Blues A E6sus4 (No III) (No V)C#mb6 (NoV)
FBbDFBbD 4/34 BbF**D Bb Bb Major Bb F6sus4 (No III) (No V)Dmb6 (NoV)
CGEGCE 4/34 CG**E C Cyail C C G6sus4 (No III) (No V)Emb6 (NoV)
CGCECE 4/34 CG**E C ditto ditto
CGCEGC 4/34 CG**E C ditto ditto
GCEGCE 4/34 CG**E C ditto ditto
GCCGCE 4/34 CG**E C ditto ditto
CGCGCE 4/34 CG**E C Open C ditto ditto
DADF#AD 4/34 DA**F# D Open D Major D A6sus4 (No III) (No V)F#mb6 (NoV)
EG#EG#BE 4/34 EB**G# E Slide Blues E B6sus4 (No III) (No V) G#mb6 (No V)
EBEG#BE 4/34 EB**G# E ditto ditto
CFCFAF 4/34 FC**A F F C6sus4 (No III) (No V)Amb6 (NoV)
CFCCAF 4/34 FC**A F ditto ditto
FCFACF 4/34 FC**A F ditto ditto
CFCFCA 4/34 FC**A F ditto ditto
D#G#D#G#B#D# 4/34 G#D#**B# G# G# D#6sus4 (No III) (No V)B#mb6 (NoV)
DbGbDbGbBbDb 4/34 GbDb**Bb Gb Gb Db6sus4 (No III) (No V)Bbmb6 (NoV)
DGBDBD 4/34 GD**B G G D6sus4 (No III) (No V)Bmb6 (NoV)
DGDGBD 4/34 GD**B G Tarot Patch - Open G dittoditto
DGBDGD 4/34 GD**B G ditto ditto
GDBDGD 4/34 GD**B G ditto ditto
GBDGBD 4/34 GD**B G ditto ditto
DGBGBD 4/34 GD**B G ditto ditto
FBbCFCD 4/4 BbFC*D Bb Bb9 (No VII) F6sus4 (No III) C7b6 (No III) (No V) Dm7b6 (No V)
FBbCFBbD 4/4 BbFC*D Bb ditto ditto
BbFCFCD 4/4 BbFC*D Bb ditto ditto
CGCGDE 4/4 CGD*E C Ka Honu C9 (No VII) G6sus4 (No III) D7b6 (No III) (No V) Em7b6 (No V)
CGEGCD 4/4 CGD*E C ditto ditto
ECEGCD 4/4 CGD*E C ditto ditto
GCEGCD 4/4 CGD*E C ditto ditto
DGCGCE 4/4 CGD*E C ditto ditto
DGDGCE 4/4 CGD*E C ditto ditto
DAEF#AD 4/4 DAE*F# D D9 (No VII) A6sus4 (No III) E7b6 (No III) (No V) F#m7b6 (No V)
DADF#AE 4/4 DAE*F# D ditto ditto
CFCGAF4/4 FCG*A F F9 (No VII) C6sus4 (No III) G7b6 (No III) (No V) Am7b6 (No V)
FBbDFBbC 4/4 BbFC*D Bb Bb9 (No VII) F6sus4 (No III) C7b6 (No III) (No V) Dm7b6 (No V
FBbCGAD 5/0 BbFCGDA Bb and FGm and Dm BbMaj69 F69sus4 (No VII) C69sus4 (No III) A6b9sus4 (No III) Gm9sus4 Dm7b6sus4 and as C&A majors
BbFCGAD5/0 BbFCGDA Bb and FGm and Dm ditto ditto
CADGBE 5/0 CGDAEB C and GAm and Em CMaj69 G69sus4 (No VII) D69sus4 (No III) B6b9sus4 (No III) Am9sus4 Em7b6sus4 and as D&B majors
EADGCF 5/0 FCGDAE F and CDm and AmChain of Fourths FMaj69 C69sus4 (No VII) G69sus4 (No III) E6b9sus4 (No III) Dm9sus4 Am7b6sus4 and as G&E majors
FCGDAE 5/0 FCGDAE F and CDm and Am Mandolin Tuning (in Vths) ditto ditto
FCEGAD 5/0 FCGDAE F and CDm and Am ditto ditto
GBEF#AD5/0 GDAEBF# G and DEm and Bm GMaj69 D69sus4 (No VII) A69sus4 (No III) F#6b9sus4 (No III) Em9sus4 Bm7b6sus4 and as A&F# majors
BF#C#DAD 5/3 DA*BF#C# DBm and F#m DMaj6 A69sus4 (No V) C#7b6b9sus4 (No III) (No V) Bm9 F#mb6sus4
FCEACD 5/3 FC*DAE F Dm and Am FMaj6 C69sus4 (No V) E7b6b9sus4 (No III) (No V) Dm9 Amb6sus4
DGDF#BE 5/3 GD*EBF# GEm and Bm GMaj6 D69sus4 (No V) F#7b6b9sus4 (No III) (No V) Em9 Bmb6sus4
EbAbEbGCEb5/34 AbEb**CG Ab Cm AbMaj7 Eb6sus4 (No V) Gsus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) Cmb6 and as G Major (No III)
EAEG#C#E 5/34 AE**C#G# A C#m AMaj7 E6sus4 (No V) G#sus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) C#mb6 and as G# Major (No III)
C#AC#G#AE5/34 AE**C#G# A Em ditto ditto
DADFBbF 5/34 BbF**DA Bb Dm BbMaj7 F6sus4 (No V) Asus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) Dmb6 and as A Major (No III)
FBbDFAD5/34 BbF**DA Bb Dm ditto ditto
EBEGCE 5/34 CG**EB C Em CMaj7 G6sus4 (No V) Bsus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) Emb6 and as B Major (No III)
GCEGBE5/34 CG**EB C Em ditto ditto
CGEGBE 5/34 CG**EB C Em Gabby's Hi'ilaws C ditto ditto
CGCGBE 5/34 CG**EB C Em ditto ditto
DADF#AC#5/34 DA**F#C# D F#m DMaj7 A6sus4 (No V) C#sus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) F#mb6 and as C# Major (No III)
EBEG#BD# 5/34 EB**G#D# E G#m EMaj7 B6sus4 (No V) D#sus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) G#mb6 and as D# Major (No III)
CFCEAC 5/34 FC**AE F Am FMaj7 C6sus4 (No V) Esus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) Amb6 and as E Major (No III)
CFCCAE 5/34 FC**AE F Am ditto ditto
CFCFAE5/34 FC**AE F Am ditto ditto
FCFCAE 5/34 FC**AE F Am ditto ditto
FCFACE 5/34 FC**AE F Am ditto ditto
D#G#D#FxB#D#5/34 G#D#**B#Fx G# B#m G#Maj7 D#6sus4 (No V) Fxsus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) B#mb6 and as Fx Major (No III)
DbGbDbFBbDb 5/34 GbDb**BbF Gb Bbm GbMaj7 Db6sus4 (No V) Fbsus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) Bbmb6 and as F Major (No III)
DGDF#BD5/34 GD**BF# G Bm GMaj7 D6sus4 (No V) F#sus4b6b9 (No III) (No V) Bmb6 and as F# Major (No III)
DGBF#BD5/34 GD**BF# GBm dittoditto
FBbCACD5/4 BbFC*DA Bb and F Dm BbMaj9 F6sus4 C9sus4 (No III) (No V) Dm7b6 Amsus4b6b9 (No V) (No VII)
BbFCFAD 5/4 BbFC*DA Bb and F Dm dittoditto
FBbDFAC5/4 BbFC*DA Bb and F Dm dittoditto
FBbCFAD 5/4 BbFC*DA Bb and F Dm dittoditto
GCDGBE5/4 CGD*EB C and G Em CMaj9 G6sus4 D9sus4 (No III) (No V) Em7b6 Bmsus4b6b9 (No V) (No VII)
DGCGBE 5/4 CGD*EB C and G Em dittoditto
CDGGBE 5/4 CGD*EB C and G Em dittoditto
CGDGBE 5/4 CGD*EB C and G Em Keola's C Wahine dittoditto
CGEGBD 5/4 CGD*EB C and G Em dittoditto
GCEGBD5/4 CGD*EB C and G Em dittoditto
DAC#F#AE 5/4 DAE*F#C# D and A F#m DMaj9 A6sus4 E9sus4 (No III) (No V) F#m7b6 C#msus4b6b9 (No V) (No VII)
FCEGAE5/4 FCG*AE F and C Am FMaj9 D6sus4 G9sus4 (No III) (No V) Am7b6 Emsus4b6b9 (No V) (No VII)
FCFGAE 5/4 FCG*AE F and C Am dittoditto
CFCGAE 5/4 FCG*AE F and C Am dittoditto
FBbCFAF 5/45 BbFC**A F Fsus4 BbMaj9 (NoIII) C13sus4 (No III) (No V) Amb6b9 (No V)and majors (No III)
BbFCFAF5/45 BbFC**A F dittoditto
FACABbF 5/45 BbFC**A F dittoditto
FBbCCAF5/45 BbFC**A F dittoditto
BbFCCAF 5/45 BbFC**A F dittoditto
CGBGBD 5/45 CGD**B G Gsus4 CMaj9 (NoIII) D13sus4 (No III) (No V) Bmb6b9 (No V)and majors (No III)
CGCGBD 5/45 CGD**B G C Ni'ihau dittoditto
CGDGBD 5/45 CGD**B G Leonard's (Kwan) C Puna wahine dittoditto
GCDGBD 5/45 CGD**B G dittoditto
DGCGBD 5/45 CGD**B G dittoditto
CGDGBC 5/45 CGD**B G dittoditto
DAC#EAE5/45 DAE**C# A Asus4 DMaj9 (NoIII) E13sus4 (No III) (No V) C#mb6b9 (No V)and majors (No III)
CFCGCE 5/45 FCG**E C Leonard Kwan F Csus4 FMaj9 (NoIII) G13sus4 (No III) (No V) Emb6b9 (No V)and majors (No III)
FCFGCE5/45 FCG**E C dittoditto
FCEGCE 5/45 FCG**E C Gabby's F dittoditto
FGCGCE5/45 FCG**E C Samoan C Major dittoditto
CGCFCE 5/45 FCG**E C dittoditto
DADGAF# 5/45 GDA**F# D Dsus4 GMaj9 (NoIII) A13sus4 (No III) (No V) F#mb6b9 (No V)and majors (No III)
DGDF#AD 5/45 GDA**F# D dittoditto
BbFCGAF5/5 BbFCG*A F F9sus4 BbMaj69 (No III) C13sus4 (No III) Gm9sus4 (No V) Am7b6b9 (No V) and as majors no IIIrds
FBbCGAF 5/5 BbFCG*A F dittoditto
CGDFCE5/5 FCGD*E C C9sus4 FMaj69 (No III) G13sus4 (No III) Dm9sus4 (No V) Em7b6b9 (No V) and as majors no IIIrds
FCEGCD 5/5 FCGD*E C dittoditto
FCDGCE 5/5 FCGD*E C dittoditto
EbBbCFCD 5/5 EbBbFC*D Bb Bb9sus4 EbMaj69 (No III) F13sus4 (No III) Cm9sus4 (No V) Dm7b6b9 (No V) and as majors with no IIIrds
FADGBE 6/2 F*GDAEB G Dm Em G69 FMaj69sus#4 (No V)A9b6sus4 (No III) Dm69sus4 Em7b9sus4 Bmb5b13sus4 (No V)
DADGCEb6/23 Eb**CGDA Cm EbMaj13sus#4 (No V) G9b6sus4 (No III)(No VII) D7b9sus4 (No III) Cm69 (No VII) Am7b5sus4 (No V)
F#AC#AAD# 6/236 A**F#C#*D# F#m A6sus#4 (No V) C#b6sus4 (No III) (No V) F#m6 D#m7b5 (No V) and as major no IIIrd
CADF#AD 6/256 C*DA**F# D7 D7 C69sus#4 (No V) (No III) Am6sus4 (No V) F#mb5 (No V)
DADF#CD 6/256 C*DA**F# D7 dittoditto
EAC#GC#E 6/256 G*AE**C# A7 A7 G69sus#4 (No V) (No III) Em6sus4 (No V) C#mb5 (No V)
EBC#GAE 6/26 G*AEB*C# A9 Em A9 G69sus#4 (No V) B9b6sus4 (No III) (No V) Em6sus4 C#mb13b5 (No V)
EBDG#BF# 6/26 D*EBF#*G# E9Bm E9 D69#5 (No V) F#9b13 (No III) Bm6sus4 G#mb5b13 (No V) as major with no IIIrd
CFDCBE6/35 FC*D*EB FMaj6sus#4 (No V) CMaj9sus4 (No V) E-b9b13 (No III) Dm913 (No V) Bmb5b9sus4 (No V) as major with no IIIrd
CGDF#BE 6/4 CGD*EBF# G and CBm and Em GMaj13 sus4 CMaj9sus#4 D69sus4 (No V) F#b5b6b9sus4 (No III) (No V) Em9b6 Bmb6b9sus4 (No VII)
FBbCCAE6/45 BbFC**AE F Am FMaj7sus4 BbMaj9sus#4 (No III) C13sus4 (No V) E-b5b6b9sus4 (No III) (No V) (No VII) Amb6b9
BbFCFAE 6/45 BbFC**AE FAm F Mauna Loa dittoditto
FBbCFAE 6/45 BbFC**AE F AmF Mauna Loa dittoditto
CGDF#BD6/45 CGD**BF# G Bm GMaj7sus4 CMaj9sus#4 (No III) D13sus4 (No V) F#-b5b6b9sus4 (No III) (No V) (No VII) Bmb6b9
CGBF#BD6/45 CGD**BF# G G Bm dittoditto
FGCGBE 6/45 FCG**EB CEm CMaj7sus4 FMaj9sus#4 (No III) G13sus4 (No V) B-b5b6b9sus4 (No III) (No V) (No VII) Emb6b9
FBbCFCE 6/456 BbFC***E Bb9sus#4 (No III) (No V) FMaj7sus4 (No III) C7sus4 (No V) E-b5b6b9 (No III) (No V) as majors no IIIrds
BbFCFCE6/456 BbFC***E ditto ditto
FBbCGAE 6/5 BbFCG*AE C and F Am and Em FMaj9sus4 CMaj6sus4 BbMaj69sus#4 (No III) G13b9sus4 (No V) Am9b6 Emb6b9sus4
BbFCGAE6/5 BbFCG*AE C and F Am and Em ditto ditto
DAC#EG#B 6/5 DAEB*C#G# A and E C#m and G#m A Wahine AMaj9sus4 EMaj6sus4 DMaj69sus#4 (No III) B13b9sus4 (No V) C#m9b6 G#mb6b9sus4
FCDGBE 6/5 FCGD*EB G and C Em and Bm CMaj9sus4 GMaj6sus4 FMaj69sus#4 (No III) C13b9sus4 (No V) Em9b6 Bmb6b9sus4
FBbCGCE6/56 BbFCG**E C7sus4 C7sus4 Bb69sus#4 (NoIII) (No VII) F69sus4 (No III) (No VII) Gm13sus4 (No V) Emb5b6b9 (No V) as majors no IIIrds(/TD)
FGCGBD 6/56 FCGD**B G7sus4 G7sus4 F69sus#4 (NoIII) (No VII) C69sus4 (No III) (No VII) Dm13sus4 (No V) Bmb5b6b9 (No V) as majors no IIIrds
GBDFAC6/6 FCGDA*B F and G Dm F69sus#4 (No VII) CMaj69sus4 (No III) G9sus4 Dm13sus4 Am9b6sus4 (No V) Bmb9b5 (No V) as major no IIIrd
EG#DG#BE 7/2367 D**EB**G# E7 E7 D69sus#4 (No III) (No V) (No VII) Bm6sus4 (No V) G#mb4b6 (No V)
DADFC#F8/23678 F**DA***C# FAug6 DmMaj7 Faug6 A-b6sus4 (No V) (No III) C#b4b6b9 (No III) (No V)(No VII) DmMaj7
EACG#CE 8/23678 C**AE***G# CAug6 AmMaj7 Caug6 E-b6sus4 (No V) (No III) G#b4b6b9 (No III) (No V)(No VII) AmMaj7
EBEGBD# 8/23678 G**EB***D# GAug6 EmMaj7 Gaug6 B-b6sus4 (No V) (No III) D#b4b6b9 (No III) (No V)(No VII) EmMaj7
DAC#F#A#E 8/478 DAE*F#C#**A# F# and A and D F#m DMaj9add#5 Eaug69sus4 (No III) (No V) F#b13addb3 A6#8sus4 C#m6b9b6sus4 (No V) (No VII)F#mb13add3 A#dimb6b8susb4 (No V) (No VII)
EbAbEFBEb 9/35678 AbEb*F****EB AbAug6#2add5 (No III) E-b9b8susb4 (No III)(No VII) Eb-b9#1sus4susb5 (No III) (No V) B-b4bb7susb4sus4 (No III) (No V) FmMaj7sus#4b7 (No V)

This table is arranged in ascending Scalecode and note in fifths alphabetical order. i.e column b. Notice that each scalecoding produces particular related chord patterns, and that lower codings eg. 2/0 will produce more consonant open chords than higher scalecodings. eg. 5/0. The limitations of conventional chord symbols become obvious once we move beyond the major and minor tonality of western music as in the final entry in the table above

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