press cutting found in Lucy Family papers
Henry W. Lucy (Toby)

Mr. Henry W. Lucy was born at Crosby, near Liverpool on Dec. 5, 1845. He joined the Daily News as special correspondent, chief of the Parliamentary corps, and writer of the summary of Parliament in 1873. He is the author of "A Handbook of Parliamentary Procedure" contributes the "Essence of Parliament to Punch", and a London letter for several leading daily and weekly provincial newspapers. Mayfair, it is stated was, for a time, under his care

In reply to questions put by a representative of the Pall Mall Gazette, Mr. Lucy said:- "The offer caused me great surprise. I had no idea of such a thing. It is a great post, and I naturally feel elated. But you must know that it is a very difficult thing for me to talk about the changes. I would like to express the great respect and esteem that I have always felt for Mr. Frank Hill, whom I succeed. Shall I make any changes? it may be that the policy of the paper will be a little more strenuous and a little more independent -- no; I should not say independent for the Daily News has always taken an independent line -- let us say strenuous. I am no advocate for a newspaper giving blind support to this Minister or that or to this Government or to that Government. Blind adulation, slavish following serves no Party. I shall also be the first to register the coming changes in the political atmosphere. My life's work has been spent in Parliament, and I have a large and intimate acquaintance with the most influential men on both sides of the House. Again I trust that we shall, under the new regime, always make the paper lively and readable. Do not imagine that I care for personalities. I contend that when a man appears on the floor of the House, or in the public arena, be it in the House, or on the platform, on the stage, he is fair game for the writer. When he goes home and shuts the door, leave him. I am no believer in intruding upon the sanctity of private life. Interviews? yes -- I accord you one. But may I say no more.

"Disraeli lacked two qualities, failing which true eloquence is impossible. He was never quite in earnest, and he was not troubled by dominating conviction."
Henry Lucy (1843 - 1924)
British journalist. Sixty Years in the Wilderness

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