LucyTuned and 12tET Clockfaces, Pitch to Colour, and Spiral Cylinders
These diagrams have been developed from John Harrison's clockface diagram, on the only page found from his missing manuscript, and described in Chapter Two of Pitch, Pi,.... The colours have been selected on the basis of frequency to wavelength as described in the colours chapter of Pitch, Pi, ....... .

Clockface: circle becomes spiral becomes cylinder....

This clockface pattern can be mirror imaged and/or developed into a spiral as shown here.
Try imagining it as a three dimensional cylinder with the spiral pattern wrapped around the surface,
as described in the recipe.

The views from opposite ends will be mirror images.

The next stage of visualisation requires you to see that a longitudinal cross-section projection is a sinewave.

So is a sinewave the shadow cast by a more this more complex shape?

Find out more in "Pitch, Pi,.......".

More detailed diagram of colours and positions

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