Diagrams to illustrate LucyTuning concepts:
John "Longitude" Harrison (1693-1776) - (portrait)
The Link between Frequency (sound) and Wavelength (light)
Tuning and Harmonic Theory
12 tone Equal Temperament (12tET) - Clockface diagram
LucyTuned Large and small intervals - Clockface diagram

Colour, notes, spiral, and clockface diagram
Spiral and circle diagrams of LucyTuning and 12tET patterns of fourths and fifths
LucyTuned coloured piano keyboard layout
Comparison of LucyTuning and Just Intonation with integer frequency ratio mapping

Table of more than 60 scales
The uncoiled spiral, and principal chord patterns
Aesthetics - colour and harmony
Diagram of harmonic colours and pitches
Diagrams of LucyTuned fretboards
Microtonal Instrument Layouts by Erv. Wilson
Erv. Wilson's 31 notes per octave tubalong layout
Erv. Wilson's hexagon marimba/keyboard layout
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