The Uncoiled Spiral

The diagram below may assist in visualising how the spiral pattern used for mapping LucyTuning connects with the chain of fourths and fifths used for scalemaking and scalecoding.

The colored strip on the left represents the chain arranged in steps of fifths down the page.
The list of scale positions to the extreme left shows how the notes are assigned for the table of tunings for MIDI keyboards as twelve contiguous steps for tuning table 2 (three flats and two sharps).

The chords illustrated are the four principal patterns used in Western harmony (Major, Augmented, minor and diminished). The chords are expressed with C as the tonic. Transposition may be demonstrated by "sliding" the scale positions up or down in relation to the colored column for various tonics. By saving this page and opening the .gif in any paint program the colored column or the positions may be cut and re-pasted to show other keys and tonics.

uncoiled spiral diagram

More comparisons of LucyTuning to other meantone and equal temperaments.

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