Lucy Family Portraits
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Portraits in oils by Charles Lucy (1813 - 1873)
Charles Lucy 
as young man - self portrait
Self portrait as young man (1834)
Charles Lucy portrait of 
his father
Charles Lucy (1780 - 1871) - father of the painter.
Charles Lucy - 
self portrait(1865?)
 Self Portrait as older man in hat (about 1865?)

Hereford Times - Charles Lucy - In memoriam - May 1873
The Illustrated London News - The late Charles Lucy
London Times Review of Royal Academy Exhibition - May 1867
The forgotten Hereford worthy
Life and Work of Charles Lucy - letter from Moerens Amicus
Lucey and Lucy Family history Website

Portraits in oils by Charles Hampden Lucy (son of Charles Lucy)  of his sons.
H. Lucy "Toby?"
H. Lucy - painted about 1890
J. C. H. Lucy by his father 
C. H. Lucy
 John Charles Hampden Lucy (1879 - 1930) - painted circa 1890.

Newspaper cutting found about Henry W. Lucy (Toby?)